13 thoughts on “A sneak peak at Hull University Womens Rugby Team

  1. its 30min away from my home, i wanted a close uni thou so i could come back
    often enough to see velvet. I lived in student houses in the first year and
    i’ve lived at home to cut costed in my second year, and i’ve got a house
    with rugby mates next year….not sure how close you are thou. I recommend
    living away in your first year thou simply for the experience

  2. oh and ur not allowed to swear on the pitch Football is a gentleman’s game
    played by yobs, rugby is a yobs game played by gentleman….. or so the
    story goes. Accept were women ;P

  3. well I live in York, so not that close but my sister lives in Beverly and
    it kinda still feels near home. But I want somewhere that’s only 1 train
    ride home, so I think my top 2 will be Manchester & Hull, depending on my
    January results….. I defintely need to move out though 🙂 I’ve always
    wanted to play rugby too 🙂

  4. yea the dragging by the shirt is not reccommended play lol…. was funny
    thou. It’s like the least bitchiest sport….all the aggression happens on
    the pitch and stays on the pitch

  5. I might be going to hull next year 🙂 it looks gurd, but i dunno whether
    it’s too close to home :S

  6. class 🙂 i think all riders hav like a side sport lol xD never played rugby
    b4 tho. netball for me 😀 x

  7. OMG looks so bitchy the way you just drag each other on the floor ! i’d be
    like freaking out and swearing if someone did tht to me hah !

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