25 thoughts on “IRB Women’s Sevens – Hong Kong

  1. now i aint hating i think its great the women play rugby… but that is a
    man 5:17 a fucking man

  2. god youre thick, you need to think about getting a better education rather
    than just playing rugby because you cant seem to grasp a very simple

  3. 1:33 for example. It’s a shame that women’s rugby is so unpopular in
    relation to men’s rugby. If they actually showed the women’s rugby on
    Australian tv I would watch it.

  4. that fact was never mentioned, again with the lack of reading. you seem to
    be quite bitter about it, maybe because you couldnt play as well as them?
    which makes you feel a bit emasculated, hm? or let me guess, youre going to
    tell me about how you were an up and coming star until you got injured?

  5. Yes, I can read. Besides, I do not need to be able to read to see that
    these chicks would not last a second against men.

  6. no…they would not be household names, if they played with men. They would
    be absolutely demolished…

  7. Im 17, so I am currently up and coming. I’m in every team it is possible
    for me to be in, whether its National, State or Regional. I don’t really
    care if they’re good at the sport or not, I’m simply stating the FACT that
    men are superior to women on the rugby field. I fail to see how you could
    even attempt to argue that.

  8. Definitely some solid rugby. I’d avoid the intimations of sexism though. If
    they were men, they’d be competing in a league where everyone was 20 kilos
    heavier, stronger, and a deal faster. They wouldn’t seem so impressive

  9. its not about whos best,its about creating great drama,you can watch a
    womens game and it can be a better drama than the mens game you watched

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