Lancaster wants to get involved in Super Rugby

Lancaster wants to get involved in Super Rugby

Stuart Lancaster, the axed England coach, is desperate to manage in Super Rugby and he has been forcing his cause in New Zealand. The forty-six year old lost his job at the Twickenham following England’s dreadful World Cup run previous year where they became the 1st hosts who could not make the quarter-finals.

Stuart Lancaster has not got into a job since that time, but he has not been idle. He expressed that in an interview recently.

In an interview, he stated that he has been searching for work in southern hemisphere powerhouses, keen to get tangled in the Super Rugby.

Whilst he has been roumoured to be doing some promotional work for, a ticketing company that has seats available for fans to buy in Twickenham, he said that the lure of coaching again is too much, and specifically name-checked the Super Rugby as a huge one for him personally.

The southern hemisphere would be a great challenge and a tremendous scope, and something that he expects that will surely come up. He has to weigh up his family as well. Whichever way he looks, it would be a huge decision, and he want to make it the right decision.

He further added that he does not feel that burnt by the whole England experience that he definitely does want to coach again. One needs a new project to get your teeth into, otherwise you are always dwelling on the old one.

At present, New Zealand Super Rugby has 2 vacancies for the next season with Jamie Joseph stepping down from Highlanders to take charge of Japan and Todd Blackadder stating that he would end long tenure with the Crusaders.

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