Rugby Centurions Society A New Idea To Honor Rugby

Rugby Centurions Society A New Idea To Honor Rugby

Cape Town – Later this year, a history will be made when the top society of athletes with exceptional talent will be brought together first time ever.

These athletes will be identified as the ‘Rugby Centurions’.

The criterion for becoming a Centurion is that, the players who have represented their country in over 100 Tests. These players of exceptional talent will be brought together to give back to the rugby game, the games that has shaped their lives.

This unique world-first initiative, inaugural launch will take place at the hotel Hilton Metropole in London on 23rd November 2017.

This is going to be the toughest membership over the world to crack. The chances will be that only three in every 1000 will ever reach the milestone of 100-Test.

So far internationally, only 49 players are of the caliber that has represented their countries in 100 or more than 100 Tests.

The idea behind creating this Rugby Centurions is to assemble these athletes’ champions, celebrating and rewarding their contribution to the rugby sport and letting them to indulge in coordinated efforts via the Centurion Foundation. The foundation will promote this game at grassroots level and will bring out new talent on the field of rugby in the future.

It is all about the rugby game and via this special Rugby Centurion project, rugby will continue to draw financial investment. This way the game will flourish and grow all over the world. Other projects that have been planned by the authorities alongside project centurion include initiating plaques of respect for every Rugby Centurion, illustrated books, creating art collections that celebrate the great moment’s rugby and history of the game. In addition to that, producing a documentary on each of the players and even building a clothing line are also the plans.

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