Super Rugby Change For SA

Super Rugby Change For SA

The leading team of Australia is Brumbies for Super Rugby League.

They have ten points in total which is the best score after they had seven wins in four rounds of Super Rugby that were done. The team is listed as the third best team in the latest team of Super Rugby which shows a disparity in the playing structure for the game.

There is an ongoing exercise and investigation being done on the Super Rugby format which currently comprises of 18 teams. It is being planned to cut it down to 15. The way the Australian super rugby league is being formatted is affected by South Africa’s decision as well. Many teams are not happy with the forthcoming changes being proposed. For instance, Ryk Neethling who is of Olympian fame in South Africa has been representing the Cheetahs and stated that he considered the change to be a joke made in bad taste. The Cheetahs have a right to be in the competition as they have been champions of the Currie Cup.

However, Cheetahs are yet to prove themselves worthy as their performance records on Super Rugby are not at par with others. The same goes for the supporters of the Lions but they simply need to be reminded that in the last 15 years that the team has played for Super Rugby they had a win score less than twenty percent. Indeed the Lions had a glorious form that they maintained in 2016 but it should not be forgotten that they lost about fifteen consecutive matches between 2010 and 2011.

The other team being targeted from South Africa is Lions. They have scored the fewest of tries in years like 2007. The team also lost out on 13 league matches and scored a really low point overall. Hence, it should not surprise one to see these teams leave the Super Rugby structure as Australia has also axed three from their current 18 team format.

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