The Crusaders Will Be Gaining A New Coach ?>

The Crusaders Will Be Gaining A New Coach

Scott Robertson will be the new coach of the Crusaders team and that would be applicable for the season ending 2017.

The head coach assignment is like having a dream coming true. He states that it is a team that he has played for and a team he cares about. Hence, it would certainly be the apt team to lead. The head coach job would certainly be a great opportunity for him. There are several remarkable coaches that have worked for the team. Hence, he feels that he has a position to uphold and standards to stand up against. The legacy that the current and the past coaching teams have left behind is impressive. Hence, it would definitely be a lot of work to continue their efforts and build on the legacy they leave behind. The playing group consists of players with potential who can be worked upon to see results.

For the appointment the CEO is optimistic about Scott coming on board. Hamish Riach, the CEO, states that Robertson has the due credentials as well as vision. Hence, he would be an apt professional to be entrusted with the responsibility of leading a Super Rugby team. He states that Scott comes on board with admirable skills as a coach. He is ready for the role. Before this the contribution that he had made to the Canterbury team was impressive and showcased his leadership skills. This assignment he carried forward for eight years. He also coaches the Under 20 team of New Zealand where he received much recognition for his contributions. With such a resume to support his capabilities it is felt that he will surely be the right head coach for the Crusaders team. It remains to be seen how the team shapes up under his leadership.

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