Yokohama Eyes On Hosting Rugby World 2019 ?>

Yokohama Eyes On Hosting Rugby World 2019

Japan’s Yokohama Stadium which is famous for hosting 2002 FIFA Football World finale between Germany & Brazil is one among the potential hosts for Rugby World 2019 championship.

The 72 thousand seater stadium wasn’t featured on the primary roster of venues eyeing to house the Rugby World matches yet the World Cup executives have approved the late application sent by this Nippon stadium.

Till now, a list of fifteen cities & prefectures are presently under consideration & the final decision on successful venues would be tentatively declared come 2015.

“Whilst we do consider that the very deadline for application to host the 2019 World Cup games is passed yet we still decided to approve this bid from the Yokohama stadium since we wanted to assure that the esteemed championship is easily available to the huge number of sports fans here in Japan”, stated Akira Shimazu, the chief executive of 2019 Japan Rugby.

“Yokohama’s bid to host the 2019 World would be considered based on its very individual merits as is usual with the other competitors.”

Apart from Yokohama, the other Nippon venues  bidding to host the 2019 Rugby World are- Kyoto City , Nagasaki Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefecture & Kumamoto City, Oita Prefecture, Fukuoka City, Osaka Prefecture and Higashi Osaka City , Kobe City, Aichi Prefecture and Toyota City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture and Kumagaya City, Sapporo City, Sendai City and Tokyo.

“The Yokohama international stadium is one of the most eminent sports venues in the entire world and comes up as an iconic name for million football fans who recall this as a landmark stage for hosting the 2002 Football World finale between Brazil & Germany”, noted Bernard Lapasset, the chairman of Rugby World championship.

“We are really delighted to have Yokohama & Kanagawa Prefecture as one of our applicants.”

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